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My name is Ailsa, designer, maker, and owner of Coucou Heart - welcome to my blog! Based in London, UK, I create hand made jewellery inspired by vintage finds, steampunk, fairy tales & folklore, and a touch of the mysterious.... You can contact me at coucouheart@hotmail.co.uk

Monday, 22 March 2010

Oh, Monday...

I am always so sleepy on a Monday! Despite this I had a good rearrange of my stock in Stuff today, so things are looking freshened up. Good news also for me - I just started listing my jewellery on Etsy last week and I had my first sale today! Very pleased - below are some of my little felt birds I have made; I think they express my happy mood today!!!

Love Ailsa xx

Friday, 19 March 2010

Chihuahua Inspiration

Sometimes when the creative muse leaves me, I turn to my 2 little helpers for some inspiration and assistance. Bonnie finds that sitting on the laptop really helps her think - however as yet, we have had no creative breakthroughs!
Apparently lying on all my stuff on the worktable also constitutes "helping" - I beg to differ, but they insist on doing it anyway!
Have a happy Friday,
Love Ailsa

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Through the looking glass...

Sorry I have been absent from my blog for 2 weeks now - must try harder! However, I have been busy making, selling, filing, photographing etc so I have a good excuse.

Went to see the new Alice in Wonderland film the other weekend which I had been looking forward to for ages. I have loved the Alice story since I was little - it remains one of my fave childhood books. The film was excellent (apart from very silly dance by Mad Hatter at the end!) with some amazing imagery. Very inspirational!

As you will see from the pics, I have some new additions to my shop - loving setting little weird things into resin! Please follow the link to my Folksy shop to have a look at all the items.

If any of you are ever in Croydon, do come along to my actual shop in Stuff Marketplace (www.stuffcroydon.com). In addition to finding me there, I will also be at the following events:

Sun 21st March - Craft Fair at Fairfield Halls Croydon. 10am - 4pm

Sat & Sun 29th & 30th May - London MCM Expo, Excel London (www.londonexpo.com)

Anything else comes up, I will post asap! Bye bye for now!


Friday, 5 March 2010

Its supplies buying day...

Have been online all day ordering jewellery making supplies. Have ordered some amazing vintage watch mechanisms from the US to make some Steampunk necklaces. Cant wait for these to arrive so I can get the soldering iron out and start throwing cogs and stuff together!
Here is a watch style necklace I sold recently - hope to get more like this listed in my shop soon:

Its been a bit quiet in the shop today, but it's so cold I'm not surprised. Hopefully the weekend will be a bit more springlike!
Bye for now,
Ailsa xx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lazy blogger / busy crafter.

Havent put anything on here for a week which is very naughty of me! However, I have been flat out selling and making things. This week I have been sewing Easter gifts, soldering jewellery, making cards, and colouring my hair!!!
Anyway, here are a few pics of the lovely things that have emerged from my workroom; I am a long time fan of all things vampiry, so decided to celebrate this in a necklace. Also, love Alice in Wonderland (no, not just because of the new film!!) and all things kooky - below are some of the greetings cards I have made, with an Alice necklace.

Anyway, hope you like them - promise to update again soon. By the way, the hair colour is now a dark scarlet!
Love Ailsa xx