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My name is Ailsa, designer, maker, and owner of Coucou Heart - welcome to my blog! Based in London, UK, I create hand made jewellery inspired by vintage finds, steampunk, fairy tales & folklore, and a touch of the mysterious.... You can contact me at coucouheart@hotmail.co.uk

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Time is flying!!!

Steampunk Sizzler event is 2 days away and my outfit is nowhere near finished - aarrghhhhhh!!!

Have just spent ages listing new items in Etsy shop and still only have 31 items listed - boooo!!!!

Have now got to go and do some cleaning as house is v.messy - NOOOOO!!!!

Anyway, I am sure normal service will be resumed soon,

Bye bye for now lovely blog readers,

Ailsa xx

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Vintage finds.

Got some lovely vintage "treasures" which I will be selling at the Steampunk Sizzler event on Sat 31st July in Bethnal Green http://steampunksizzler.eventbrite.com/. Managed to source some amazing old binoculars, more glass valves (excellent for adding to your raygun!!) and one of those cool old cameras that concertinas out (you know what I mean..!).

Also have some parasols, which are made of wood and paper, but are surprisingly robust. Hopefully all those Steampunky ladies out there will find these useful! This pic is of some of the similar bits I had for sale at last weeks Comic Con - new items will be photographed and up soon!

Love Ailsa

Thursday, 22 July 2010

London Film and Comic Con last weekend

LFCC last weekend was excellent - I met some really lovely people, and made some good sales! There were lots of Steampunks there, who I will hopefully meet up with again at the Asylum event in September (http://steampunk.synthasite.com/) and also got to meet Robert Rankin! In addition to the Steamy set, there were lots of Cosplayers - some interesting pictures below!!!

Robert Rankin and some Scary Girls!!!

Cosplayer + Doll!

SH Creations gorgeous hats. Dragon Dreads corsets
http://www.shcreations.co.uk/ http://www.dragondreads.co.uk/

All in all, a great weekend. Now, I will be knuckling down and getting some stock listed on Etsy - a few new pieces have been listed today, so please take a look! http://www.etsy.com/shop/coucouheart

Bye for now,


Friday, 16 July 2010

Busy weekend ahead!

I have been super busy making loads of lovely items for my stall this weekend. I am trading at the London Film and Comic Com at Earls Court on Sat & Sun (http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/ ) which should be great fun. Loads of Sci Fi type stars there - cast of Being Human and William Shatner himself are the ones I am going to look out for!

I am also trading every Sunday (except this one of course) at the Backyard Market in Brick Lane, London. This is a really vibrant, exciting market with loads of great vintage stuff and really cool handmade creations.

Lastly, I have also been trying to get more things listed in my Etsy shop - more to follow soon! Anyway, will report back on the weekends events next week,

Love Ailsa
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