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My name is Ailsa, designer, maker, and owner of Coucou Heart - welcome to my blog! Based in London, UK, I create hand made jewellery inspired by vintage finds, steampunk, fairy tales & folklore, and a touch of the mysterious.... You can contact me at coucouheart@hotmail.co.uk

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A passion for folklore.

When I was designing my current collection, I took the opportunity to add some more original artworks to the range. I love drawing, and being able to put my illustrations into pendants, and then actually sell them still gives me a thrill. :)

As part of my Mystery and Magic inspired collection, I have included images of a moon gazing Hare and a White Hart, both in a dark forest. I love these mysterious animals, both so associated with myth and folklore. Pagans believed that the moon gazing hare brought rebirth, abundance, and good fortune.

In English Folklore the Hart is associated with many myths and legends. The sighting of a White Hart (the ancient word for Stag) was a sign in Arthurian legends that the knights should embark on a quest. It was thought that the hart could not be caught, and the animal became a symbol of man's never ending pursuit of knowledge and the unattainable. The good omens associated with the magnificent stag led to it being adopted as the personal emblem of Richard II; to this day the sighting of one of these otherworldly animals is said to bring good fortune.

Below is a picture of one of these stunning deer, together with images of the pendants as part of the Mystery and Magic collection - hope you like them! The pendants will be launched in my online shop later today! www.coucouheart.co.uk